This I Believe

Breanna - Plymouth, Michigan
Entered on October 5, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope, illness

Someday my Prince will come.

From the time I was a little girl I could always count on my parents to tell me unbelievable stories. It did not matter if they were well known fairytales or if they were made up simply for my pleasure. Their stories would always consist of a princess and a prince. They would have the perfect life; A life where there were no troubles. The story would always end with a “and they lived happily ever after.” I would always dream of this happening to me—to find my prince and live happily ever after with know worries.

My parents were always there for me and they told me that life is not always like the stories. They were right. Life is hard, it’s hard to define it, it’s not like the stories that I use to hear—its better. I have not met my prince yet, but I did get to witness a miracle, and that is the best part of my “fairytale”. My Father was very sick with heart disease when I was younger and it made me grow up fast.. He was in and out of the hospital, and because both my older sisters were away at college that left me to take care of my sick dad and my younger siblings. With how sick my dad was becoming I thought for sure I would never get my dream and I would never become a princess. This changed my life I now longer dreamed of being a princess instead I dreamed of a witnessing a miracle.

I now realize that you really want something that it really can happen. No, I am not a princess, but I did get to witness a miracle. In 2003 my father received a life changing heart transplant. This was the miracle I had been waiting for. This gave me hope that there really are miracles in life. And things can surprise you at any moment.

When I look back at my life I see that everything happens for a reason. I believe that your life can change in a blink of an eye. I also believe that no matter how hard life gets you should never stop believing that it could get better. Believing that everything would be ok is what got me through the hard times. I know that every thing will not work out the way I want it to, but now I know anything could happen. I was not given my prince but I was giving my happily ever after and a chance to believe in miracles.