This I Believe

chris - howell, Michigan
Entered on October 4, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I have been going to deer camp for over 15 years now. There is a lot more to deer camp then just trying to shoot something. Deer camp has tradition, friends, food, and comradery.

Every body has traditions that they do. At deer camp we have many traditions. We have a tradition that the cook does not do dishes that night. Traditions that some of the group will go to the same spot to hunt year after year even if they do not see a deer. We all have a tradition of what we do the night before opening day. Some of my group will stay up all night and play cards and tell stories, some of us will go to sleep early, and others will go through all their gear twice to make sure they have everything. Of course there is seeing all the same people year after year and enjoying the time with them.

Over the years of going to deer camp there has been a change of faces you see. When I started to go to deer camp it was mainly my grandfather’s friends. As the time went by the older guys were not coming up. The kids of the older guys were now starting to come up. As the faces change the Friendships are still the same. Some of the people you only see at camp and do not see them until next year. But it seams that it was yesterday and you pick up the conversations and stories where you left off the year before.

Only in the woods can you consider eating chili eating like a king. At deer camp there are wide ranges of food served. When I was younger I was a very picky eater. If I did not like the way the cook prepared the food, I could eat it or not eat anything. At deer camp I learned to eat a lot of things I thought I did not like. When I tried these same dishes at home they did not taste as good as they did up there. Over the years of going to deer camp you realize something about the food. Is it that the food tastes that much better up there or is it that you are that hungry anything would taste good? I think it is that I am that hungry.

Is deer camp only about going to kill a deer, No. it is a part of why you are there but not the main reason. Deer camp to me is seeing friends, spending time in the woods being with nature, and having a good meal, or so called good meal.