This I Believe

Carly - Livonia, Michigan
Entered on October 4, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

Throughout my life, I have always pulled through good and bad experiences. People have many different ways to get through certain times of their lives. Some people might believe in a lucky rabbit’s foot, or go through a certain ritual before an event. I have and always will believe in God.

I have grown up a Catholic, and attended a Catholic school from first grade to eighth grade. In school, we learned the required curriculum, along with a religion class that we went to every day. Each religion class, we would learn about what Jesus did for us, and how God sacrificed his only son to show us the way to live.

I have been through a lot of tough times in my life dealing with family, school, sports, and death. Whenever something doesn’t go right in my life, I know I can pray and talk to God about what’s going on and I can ask him to guide me through.

One time that sticks in my mind where I really looked to God for help started when my Grandma DeClercq fell and broke her hip. Of course, she had surgery to repair her hip, but she was 82 years old and in bad shape. It was not long that she passed away on July 4, 2003. It was very hard news to take in, but all I could do was thank God she was in a better place.

Not shortly after Grandma DeClercq died, we received the horrible news that my other Grandma (who we called Mi-Mi) has cancer. That hit me hard. I was very, very close to Mi-Mi. I saw her so many times out of the week. When we heard of the crushing news, I really began to pray to God for her health and for my family to be strong. I knew cancer was a very hard battle to overcome, and I was scared she would not be able to make it through.

After about a month, or a month and a half, Mi-Mi began chemotherapy. She would go to St. Mary’s hospital for treatments twice a week. Shortly after chemotherapy started, she began radiation. By then, Mi-Mi began getting very ill. Her 5-2, 97 pound body could not handle the medication being pumped into her body. She was quickly hospitalized.

A week went by, and she began to worsen in health. My entire family had gotten together on a Sunday, knowing she didn’t have much time left, and we prayed for her. We prayed to God that he would take her pain away, so she wouldn’t have to suffer anymore.

On Wednesday, we took her off of life support, and she slowly passed away. I was so sad, yet very relieved that she was with God in a better place. The funeral was very hard to get through, but with the help of God, I was able to be strong for my family.

This is only one of the many times that I have looked to God to help me get through a rough time. I am so grateful that I have someone to pray to and look to for help and comfort. I believe God is a huge part of my life, and I thank him every day for the help and support I need.