This I Believe

Ethan - La Grange, Illinois
Entered on October 4, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: freedom

I Believe…

I believe in freedom of speech. The freedom to speak what is on your mind whenever you feel like it. The way you express yourself can come is many different forms such as poems, stories, articles, the radio and television.

I use my freedom in writing stories and poems that reflect many aspects of my life and the entire world. I’ve used writing to express my feelings when I want my voice to be heard or I felt that I wasn’t allowed my freedom. Writing is something I like because I can do it without anyone making fun of me or questioning my ideas. No one is criticizing me when I’m writing. It lets me open up and let everything in my head come out in a positive and useful way.

Also I talk and speak my mind very often. Whether it be a social or a private setting I like to stick to my word as much as possible. I get frustrated when I make a comment that someone else doesn’t agree with or has a different opinion about and they make fun of me. When other people criticize me it is usually because they are afraid that other people will make fun of them for their opinion. I hope that by expressing my opinion openly in public setting that I will influence other people to do the same. I believe that there are many people who tried to voice there opinion but were shot down so many time that they gave up on what they believe in. We are all very lucky to be able to have resources such as poems and newspapers or just writing for that matter to be able to voice our opinions freely.

The definition of belief is “the mental conviction of the truth”. This says a lot when you think about freedom of speech, because speech is or should be your mental conviction of the truth. But as you know that isn’t always the case and I have discovered how even telling the truth can generate madness.

I believe that freedom of speech has come a long way from what it was. Back in the king’s era many articles if not all of them in the local newspapers were blacked out by the king because a certain citizen was brave enough to express his own opinion against the kings will. Even in the early to mid 1900’s women were still not allowed to vote, which was a very big violation of human rights. People today don’t understand how much freedom they have compared to the past centuries.

My belief of freedom of speech may be different from the next average Joe but I will always respect someone else’s opinion even though I may not like what it is they believe it is my right and responsibility to respect what they have to say.