This I Believe

Cara - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on October 4, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

The Power Of Kindness

I believe that small gestures of kindness mean a lot to others. Kindness is very important to me. I think that in hard times, even the smallest gestures of kindness will mean the world to the people around me. Sometimes we do not even realize that what we are doing, though it may seem small and of no importance, could mean so much to someone else. I do not always realize how grateful people are for the things others and I do for them.

I remember a time last year my friend Katie’s grandmother died. She and her family were very upset. When I told my mom about what had happened, she said that we should write Katie’s family a sympathy card saying how sorry we were for their loss. It was not a long letter or anything, it was just a small note.

A year later I was with Katie and some other friends at the movie theater. Katie’s mom was supposed to drive us home. When her mom came to pick us up, all she talked about the whole car ride home was about how my family had sent her a card when Katie’s grandmother died. She kept talking about how much she appreciated it, and how it had meant so much to her. She said that no one had ever done something like that for here before. I had never realized that something so simple and common could mean so much to someone else. I also never realized that years later they would remember what we had done for them.

This experience has made me realize that small acts of kindness are very important and vital in friendships. We may not realize it, we take these things for granted every day. I have learned that I need to be more aware and appreciative when people do kind things for me. While it may seem like nothing when you are doing it, you may never realize what an effect you had on that person’s life, and how much others appreciate what you have done for them. I believe that small acts of kindness are very important and sometimes we do not always realize just how important they are.