This I Believe

Karissa - Westland, Michigan
Entered on October 4, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that each person that comes into our life is a blessing in disguise. Whether the person is the devil himself or a sweet old lady, each person we meet has something to offer.

A few years back, while I was at work one day, the strangest thing happened to me: I was told my Grandma (who had passed) shed tears for me that day- the same day my parents also announced they were getting divorced. It was a day of grief and anger for me. Never once had I met this lady, nor had she heard me say a word about my Grandma or about my parents. She politely walked up to me and told me that my Grandma was feeling my sadness that day. I felt touched, deeply touched and moved. When I went outside for my break, it was raining- when no rain was in the forecast. This lady left an imprint in my heart. I will never forget that day- the way she looked at me, her sincerity and her kind heart. She blessed me that day, by letting me know someone was watching over me, and someone was protecting me. She was a true blessing in disguise- something I never, in a million years would of expected!

Although this was just one instance of a blessing in disguise, each and every one of us has met someone, or knows of someone who has touched our lives in a way we can’t explain.

A stranger on the corner may smile at you or even say hi to you, and it could make your day. A women with a child holding her baby tight, showing affection in a way you never thought possible- are blessings in disguise.

By witnessing actions of others, meeting someone new each day, and speaking with a new person, I believe you are being blessed-blessed with someone else’s knowledge, someone else’s strength and courage. Each smile or quiet “hi” gives you warmth and makes you want to spread that feeling along to others. This is why I believe that each person who comes into our life is a blessing in disguise. Why? Because they leave a tiny footprint in your heart that you’ll never forget, but want to continue to spread.