This I Believe

Mark - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on October 3, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

In ever-turbulent social times, people look to groups for reassurance and solace. People find safety in numbers and when it comes to a personal style or fashion, it is no different. Some will drop their entire being of individuality to assimilate to a pre-existing set of rules and guidelines. They tend to only associate with analogous people. I am saying this not to insult those who do this, but to praise those who have gone down a different path. People who don’t look to others for their own decisions but only look to themselves.

I believe in true individualism. One should think and act for one’s self and not be dissuaded by the thoughts and words of others. We shouldn’t feel pressured into things by our peers and we shouldn’t feel the need to contradict them either.

If we choose to make a decision one way today, it doesn’t mean that we would do the same tomorrow. This is why I believe in not labeling one’s self. A label is a statement, a bold statement. It is a self-stereotype. If we tell others a label than we are saying that we act similar to everyone else considered to be that, regardless of whether we do or not. Recently friends of mine have deemed themselves “straight-edge.” To some, it is an oath taken for life. To others, it’s a part-time affair. People who do take it seriously become irked by those who don’t. Why should it matter? It becomes too much. They require it so much that when it is “taken away” by others that they have nothing else.

Why not walk your own line? Listen to your music, without worry of critics. Dress as the weather requires, and don’t care about what is vogue. Read novels and don’t feel like a bookworm. It’s your life, so live it for yourself. You’ll be the only one that judges what you have done in the end.