This I Believe

Shelley - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on October 3, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

Oh, I do Believe

I believe in equality. Although this is not the only thing I believe in, I feel it is the most important to me and it affects every soul out there. There is no easier way to live than for everyone to be treated the same no matter how they look or act. If we all did something for one another each and every day, we could create a stronger feeling of peace, security, and do not forget, equality. This way maybe people would not feel so insecure. What kind of a nation are we if we feel threatened walking down the streets of our very own town? I would have to say not a nation that I want to live in. So, therefore, equality is vital.

Each person deserves the same chance at life as the next person coming down the road. It is not necessary to judge them on their appearance or religion, no matter what the circumstances are. If we are able to do this simple thing, just think, what great achievements we have in store for us in the future. We will hold great pride in ourselves. But, I know this always does not work out the way it should. People get treated as if they are not even there. Or there are others who act as though they are greater than the rest of us. Once, this boy and girl came to my elementary school from India. Many people looked at them as if they did not belong and made them feel should not have been there. They ate food we had never seen before and dressed different than what we were used to. For this, many students did not want to become their friends. I see situations such as this day in and day out. I am sure you all do as well. Even here, in these very halls of our school, Lyons Township. How wrong is that? Some kids cannot even go to school without being picked on, or pointed out for being themselves! This is what forces many kids to feel like they have to pretend to be something they are not. We all go through struggles in life, why not make it a little simpler and believe in each other to strive through those differences among one another.

A person can have many beliefs or opinions on life. There is not one right way of believing. But, equality is a major factor in life today in which we lack. And it will continue to be a main factor for the future and generations to come. That is why if we create the building blocks of equality now, later on we may be surprised on what will happen. After all, equality can bring us closer together. I believe in equality.