This I Believe

luke - fayetteville, New York
Entered on October 3, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: environment

This I believe

I believe that global warming and the issue with global warming isn’t getting enough attention.

The way the world uses cars cars and planes we need to find more efficient ways to travel. If we don’t eventually we will lose our oil supply and then what will we do? I do believe we are finding better ways to travel by making cars more fuel efficient with the hybrids and were even making new more efficient hummers in the H3, Which now gets an incredible 12 miles to the gallon! I also believe that weight is a big issue in America and we can slim down this problem by walking more.

If we don’t stop now Global warming is going to get worse than it already is and we going to have even bigger problems on our hands, we don’t have to stop driving or change our everyday lives but with one person not starting up there car and walking there cutting down on 5 tons of carbon dioxide that is being spilled into the atmosphere. Another issue is global warming will warm up the oceans and because of that 1 to 2 temperature increase hurricanes will increase and number and in strength, If we continue what we are doing, the film the Day After Tomorrow will not jut be a movie.

I believe if America doesn’t make drastic changes soon no one will and then my generation and our children will have to deal with the problems.