This I Believe

Andrew - Fayetteville, New York
Entered on October 3, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Everyday, people have a choice to do something that might make a big or small difference in their lives. Since we make those choices, we may make one that is bad. I believe everyone should have a second chance to fix what they have done wrong.

In God’s eyes, I was given a second chance which changed my life. I lost my faith in God when I was eleven. I had moved away from Manlius to Minoa because my mom and my step-dad split. There, I had no friends, everyone had judged me, and my teacher’s hated me. I thought God hated me, and made my life a living hell.

I became suicidal. It was all I ever thought about. It lasted for four years. In my freshman year, I went to Florida with my mom and step-dad on February break. My Aunt lived there, and I went to see her. She took me to her church, even though I didn’t want to go.

When I entered the church, I had this mysterious feeling fill my body. Right then, I knew God was real, and he didn’t hate me. Ever since then, my life has been much better. I have met some interesting people, my confidence has raised, and I don’t live as if I want a death wish.

In school, some teachers give students second chances to fix homework, tests, and projects. If a student does poorly, they have a second chance to do a better job. If a student doesn’t have enough to finish the project, then they have more time to do a better job.

In the real world, we should get a second chance with the smaller problems, like speeding and parking tickets. If they do it once they get let off with a warning and keep a record of that person’s crime. And if they are caught again, then their fine should triple of it’s original value.

Second chances can make someone do a better job with work. If we do that, it might teach them a lesson to do better. Kids will do better in school, people might stop speeding and illegal parking, and with God. I know that if God hadn’t given me a second chance, I wouldn’t be here today.