This I Believe

Kaitlin - Glenview, Illinois
Entered on October 3, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Beauty is not simple in a teenagers’ mind. It involves working out to fit into one size smaller or making sure you only eat a salad for a month before the dance. These are the things that I was talking about when I realized that I believe in the simplicity of beauty.

As a sixteen year old high school sophomore you are expected to put on makeup and straighten your hair, it is just what high school girls do. Although there is nothing wrong with this I believe that beauty is more than a flat stomach and big chest, it can be as simple as a freckle. Freckles are an example that everyone is unique; no one person shares the beauty of someone else.

With the constant worry of self-image I bet it isn’t hard to believe that I was talking about that exact topic. Some friends and I had been up all night and the topic of self-confidence arose. My one friend had made a habit of putting herself down and we wanted to try and break her of this before it grew into something bigger. As we got further and further into the conversation I started to think about how lucky we are to be able to control our weight and look the way we do, some people can’t don anything about their weight. Then I started to think about what a beautiful person really looks like, are they the classic blonde hair blue eyed girl or is it completely different, a brown haired brown eyed girl. Then I started to really think does it matter if you are super skinny or normal, brown eyed or blue, in the end we are all beautiful. The answer to my question was finally answered with a simple explanation, we are all beautiful.

As I thought about my answer to who is beautiful, I started to think about how simple beauty really is. It is not something we make it is created; it is something we are given no matter who you are. Beauty has and will always be something else in everyone’s mind. When I look in the mirror I see my freckles and frizzy hair but to me that is what beauty is. To the guy next door it is his wife, but if you ask the teenager who is beautiful he won’t hesitate when saying the homecoming queen. As we all explore what beauty is to us I would like to think of it as a freckle, unique and ever-changing.