This I Believe

Erin - LaGrange, Illinois
Entered on October 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

^I believe that everyone deserves a chance at what they want to become.^ People have dreams, thoughts and conversations about what they want to be when they are older. Not everyone can get there because some people can not afford education or learning new things might be difficult for them. I believe that you should get a chance at your dream no matter what is holding you back. I think that it is always important for people to do what they want in life. They will learn from their mistakes and know what to do when the situation comes around the next time. People will always want to do what they dream of. Everyone does it and it is not wrong to do.

I have always wanted to become a doctor when I get older. Watching the shows like Grey’s Anatomy or E.R. with my mom just made me more fascinated into pursuing my dream. My mom wanted to, and still wants to become a neonatal nurse. Instead, she got her accounting degree. She is an accountant just like her dad. With her having this dream she has encouraged me to follow mine and not to become something that other people want me to become.

I read an article in a Time Magazine about a girl named Christine that wanted to be a doctor. She got average grades in high school but did not excel greatly in any classes. Her parents barely paid her way through high school, they were never home to help her with homework or study for tests. She wrote a letter to the University of North Carolina and sent her report cards and everything she needed to send. They ended up accepting her and paid for her education at the school and she is now in Medical school pursuing her dreams.

This proves that everyone should have a chance at what they want to become, no matter how hard the obstacle is. If you are getting the grades and are trying your hardest you should be able to pursue your dreams like all of the other doctors, lawyers, or teachers. Reach out for your goals and try your hardest to get there. Follow your dreams and pursue them with confidence.