This I Believe

Heather White - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on October 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe…

As much as I would like say that our world does not run on material objects or that the best things in life are free, I look around to see a world centered with materialistic ideas all revolving around one certain material, money. Money controls for the most part, were we live, what we eat, what we wear, and even our futures, of were we are going to go to collage. People spend hours slaving their days away just to make it, so they can go buy material objects, and some necessities. But even through the material world smog I believe that the world may run on material objects, but material objects do not run the world, it is how the people act with them. When people do not their possessions over all else, kindness and the power that people really have, comes through. About a half a year ago my family and me went to a Black Hawks game, and my little brother and I were walking around when we passed a Dip and Dots stand sending, my little brother exploding into begging and pleading for them. He finally calmed down when I told him we couldn’t get them because I didn’t have any money. His hopes died until a elderly lady who had been walking behind us and who was a complete stranger to us, came up after hearing my little brother and seeing his disappointment and offered to get both of us a dip and dots. Sure nothing obligated her to go out of her way, to spend her money, to get complete strangers dip and dots, but she did. She put aside the fact that she would be spending her “envied possession” knowing she could just as easily go buy some other material object for herself, but she looked past this. And it’s because of people like this that make me believe that the world may run on material objects but material objects do not run the world, what people do with them, does.