This I Believe

Belcastro - USA
Entered on October 2, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

I believe in Carpe Diem, seizing the day. I believe in taking chances. I believe life is too short to wonder about what “might have happened”. I never want to think about what I could be if dot dot dot.

I have a heart defect. Tetrology of Fallot to be exact. I had a previous surgery when I was younger and I am going to have to undergo another within a matter of years. I know that surgeries are becoming more and more safe as time goes on, but what if something is to happen? Or what if someone told me that my surgery had to be done immediately and then something was to happen? I can only imagine all the “what ifs” I’d be thinking about on the ride to the hospital. What if I told that guy how much I liked him? Maybe he’d tell me he liked me too. What if I didn’t say that? Then maybe we’d still be talking. Things like that that you just put off.

When I thought about this I thought about all the things I’m putting off for tomorrow. What if I don’t get a tomorrow? I would definitely have so many regrets it is unbelievable. I bet you would too. Mine may be way different from yours or may seem silly to you but they’re still there.

When I was eleven I went to this place with my mom to listen to people talk about how they died for a few seconds in an emergency room and then got brought back to life. There was one story that really moved me, one about a 67 year old man. This man told everyone that he was what you might call a “grumpy” old man. He was the traditional “Get off my lawn or I’m going to call the cops” kind of guy. One day he had a heart attack and was sent to the hospital. When he finally woke up and they told him that they almost lost him he claimed his life was changed. He said that he started going to church again after 20 years. He also said that he started playing chess, which he supposedly loved since he was little but no one ever knew. I don’t know why but just thinking about how a man who was completely unhappy all the time realized that he actually loved life and wanted to live once it was almost taken away from him. It showed me how different people can act once they know certain things.

What if you were to die tomorrow? What if someone told you you had a mere 24 hours to live? Don’t you think you might act a little differently? I know you would. You would live that day, really live it. I believe in living every day like that, like it is my last. I believe in Carpe Diem and living like you were dieing.