This I Believe

Lauren - Floyds Knobs, Indiana
Entered on October 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

“Living With an Opened Mind”

“A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimension,” Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Everyone has choices in life. I have choices in my life that ultimately affect my life that are either marked by success or failure. Therefore, it is important that I am open minded, and take every opportunity given to me, to stretch my mind with new ideas, thoughts, and facts that will be conducive to my knowledge and thoughts concerning life. In a sense, my mind is compared to a sponge; soaking up as much water, or in this case, as much ideas and other beneficial material as possible. This technique is an essential. Without this technique, my intelligence and views on life would never be open to change in their original dimensions and capacities.

In the process of expanding my mind, a key is produced, a special key, that only opens one door in particular. That key is the knowledge that I acquire from new ideas, and the door that the intricate key unlocks, is the door to success. There have been times in my life when that specific key is unable to be found, or at least that it appears to be hidden, but is really right in front of me. In this process many obstacles are encountered that have and will send me on detours that act as the impetus to my knowledge. These are the times when the knowledge that I hold on a subject seems incapable of unlocking the doors to success. However, by asking questions, and by gathering new ideas and viewpoints, I am able to find the hidden key to success, knowledge. Knowledge, I believe is not just as simple as an IQ. Several people in this world seem to believe that their intelligence is merely based upon an IQ. However, an IQ is not the only definition of knowledge. Knowledge is more complex, and is the ideas and places in life that bring curiosity while filtering through the mind.

Throughout my lifetime I have been given one of the many gifts of knowledge, traveling. Due to this gift, I have been able to travel to a wide variety of places that have brought curiosity to my mind. It is this curiosity that begs for more, like a hunger. If it weren’t for that hungry curiosity, even more, the intriguing places on this planet, I would not be able to give my mind the nutrients or ideas that it needs to survive, and that curiosity would become dull and dehydrated, leaving me in a provincial state; lacking ideas and knowledge. The knowledge that I gain by traveling allows my mind to be stretched and filled beyond it’s original capacity. This knowledge, the key that is sometimes forgotten in the process, is the key that opens my doors to success, my future experiences. Not just through traveling, but through numerous other events throughout my life, I am able to absorb knowledge and I am also able to use that knowledge that I acquire to unlock the doors in my life that lead to ultimate success.

A wise woman once said “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” That wise woman was Helen Keller. Daring indeed, every experience in my life that I encounter would be nearly impossible if I was not able to expand the boundaries of my knowledge by participating in daring adventures that bring curiosity to my mind. Every experience I have in my life is essential in shaping my perception of life and how I view the world to be. It is the explored places in my life that send a spark of curiosity to my mind. It is that curiosity that allows my mind to be challenged. It is a journey into the unknown, exploring. I never know what I am going to come upon that will spark my imagination, and stretch my mind like the elastic lining on the pair of socks that were worn on that long and daring adventure. As Keller portrayed, my life would not be exciting, intriguing, thought provoking, if it weren’t for those daring adventures that I encounter. My life would simply be nothing at all, and my mind would not expand, responding to information that was acquired, it would simply stay in a constant state.

From the moment of conception, throughout my life, and until the moment of my death, I have and will experience growth in many ways, not just physically, but emotionally, and intellectually. The growth that I experience will have an affect on my mind. In the process of this growth, it is important that I remain open-minded. By doing this, I will allow thoughts and new ideas to filter through my mind. By inviting new information and knowledge, I am giving myself a gift, one of the greatest gifts on the face of this earth.

“The sky is the limit,” as I have been told. However, this famous saying can only be held true if I allow myself to be free from self doubt and negative influences, things that would only prevent growth to the mind. I must be free. Free and open to new thoughts, and opinions. Free to learn about our world and it’s amazing inhabitants that are making new discoveries every minute that allow myself and the other inhabitants of this interesting world, to expand the capacity of our minds, thinking outside of the box with creativity and curiosity of the unknown. It is those amazing people and places in life that allow me to cease all of my curiosities in life that ultimately stretch my mind.

Knowledge is taking the road less traveled by, as the wise poet, Robert Frost, brilliantly wrote. By taking the road less traveled by, not necessarily a road, but a way in life or an idea that goes against the norm, I am able to go on adventures that allow me to stretch my mind beyond it’s original capacity. It is these ideas in life that allow me to acquire the knowledge that is essential to life. Each experience in my life has the potential to be life altering. These experiences are the experiences that expand my knowledge, stretch the dimensions of my mind, and improve my understanding as a whole. By gathering new ideas my mind is stretched, stretched in a way that is incapable of regaining it’s original dimension, stretched with curiosity, and the daring adventures experienced throughout my life. Without an opened mind, life would simply not exist.