This I Believe

Katie - Greenville, North Carolina
Entered on October 2, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that sometimes the right thing and the hardest are the same.

When I was 17 I got involved in my first serious relationship. We went to the same high school and hung around with the same friends. He was my first actual boyfriend and to this day the only boyfriend I have ever had. I was very young and naive and I fell hard for him. I never really planned on us lasting after high school but we did, we went on to date for two more years, long distance at separate colleges. I spent every other weekend traveling to go see him and didn’t realize just how much I was missing out on things. When my friends and my pledge sisters were out having a great time and bonding I was the one left out. I put so much effort into making this relationship with him last. In the end I was the one who lost everything. He became an avid drug user and it turned out he was cheating on me with a girl that went to his school. My world came crashing down in front of me. I thought that it was the worst thing that could have ever happen but in time I realized it was the best. It was very hard for me to come to this realization. I spent many nights crying and trying to decide whether I should hold on or let go. It showed me that sometimes the right thing and the hardest thing are the same. Nobody is ever worth your self-respect and anyone who betrays you does not respect you. I have no regrets because it made me who I am today. It also made me realize to never settle for less than I deserve.

When I think about who I am and where I am going in life I see positive things. I am 21 years old and sometimes that scares me. I feel like at 21 I should be a little more mature then I am, but everyday I am growing and learning something new about myself. I have learned things happen in life and you can learn to deal with them or you can dwell on them. Every situation is what you make of it. I have become stronger because of the struggles and wiser because of the changes in my life. I have learned how to have fun in any situation and that laughing is the best medicine to everything. Never give in to those that hurt you, never settle for less then you deserve, and never give up on your dreams.