This I Believe

Kate - LaGrange, Illinois
Entered on October 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe in the importance and power of creative expression. I believe in creativity because of its necessity in our culture as human beings. Whether it’s an artist living brush stroke to brush stroke, a composer corresponding harmonies and rhythms, a second-grader coloring outside of the lines, or even a quarterback devising plays for his next game, creativity is infinite in its mediums, but it is as essential to us for a fulfilling life as the air we breathe. Being brought up in an inventive environment, I have always been aware of the power of letting the mind shape an idea to make something ingenious.

Once, I was looking through a magazine and an article caught my eye. It was about quilting, a hobby shared by many women around the world. The patterns and colors of the quilts were so inspiring because they were different and broke the norm of traditional quilting. The quilts were geometric with scraps from interesting fabrics and personal artifacts from these talented women. The patterns were abstract and beautiful at the same time, and made me feel proud because they were so rudimentary and symbolic of the dignity of the women who created them. Although I think that innovative ideas show great originality, there is always room for creativity in what we do everyday. When you take a chance and try something new, or think in terms of trying something different, you are creative. And having a sense of creativity can give amazing sentiment to you as a person.

The importance of creativity is monumental for us as a culture. Art would not be existent, the breathtaking architectural structures around the world would only be imaginary, and music, movies, and plays, would merely be un-hatched eggs in a nest of plots sequestered in someone’s head.

By expressing ourselves creatively, we not only become enriched people, but I believe that we also improve the world and our lives.