This I Believe

Claire - LaGrange Park, Illinois
Entered on October 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

To this day I still remember it well. I was in the kitchen watching the morning news and eating my breakfast. I was probably thinking about how I wished it would be warmer, how I hated gym class, or something stupid like that. Then a story came on about a fire. It had already been burning for quite a while. The people made it out ok, but there was a dog stuck on top of the roof. The first thing I thought of was how much it looked like my own dog. It was pacing frantically around the roof, the fire already seeping through and burning its paws. I went to school in a very bad mood that day, knowing there was no possible way that the dog would ever have survived. After a long day of wishing it would get warmer and hating gym, I came home and turned on the news. I was shocked. It was a follow-up story on the fire that had happened that morning. There had been firefighters on, inside, and around the hazardous burning building for hours making sure the dog got down safely. They wouldn’t let him stay on that roof and be burned alive. After that I went outside and had a much needed game of fetch with my dog

I believe in helping animals. Ever since I was young it’s something I’ve felt strongly about. I would look at vets, animal detectives, the National Guard, and just wish that I could have just an ounce of their courage. I was so amazed at the lengths and dangers they’d go through to make sure all those animals survived. There are also people out there everyday sending the message and helping animals in the wild. The Steve Irwins’ and Jane Goodalls’ of this world make me a little more at ease knowing that these animals are being helped. Their years of hard work and dedication have turned vicious crocs into beautiful but powerful reptiles; fearsome gorillas into intelligent and almost human. They’re also of great service to humans every single day. Guide dogs, car horses, even pigs that will dig for truffles underground. The world definitely isn’t what it once was. But it’s a comfort to know that for every story about a starved or beaten animal, there are at least five more about one being saved, adopted, or released into the wild. I believe in helping animals, because all they’ve ever done is help us.