This I Believe

Cathy - Glenview, Illinois
Entered on October 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

There is a time in your life when everything seems to be going downhill. There is a time in your life when everything seems to be going absolutely wonderful. Some moments you just can not handle and understand why something is happening to you. And other moments, you just wish those good things will keep on coming. I believe that everything happens for a reason.

There was a time in my life when I wished that all the hectic things I had been experiencing would just end. I was in the seventh grade when the school that I had gone to since pre-school was announced to close down. I was absolutely devastated when I heard about it. Having two older brothers, I had gone to their graduations, from the same school, and would picture myself receiving my diploma from that same altar in that same church.

Having friends in the grade above me, I agreed to their request to have me attend their graduation. Being as sensitive as I am, I began to cry during the ceremony. After the graduation ended, there was a reception. The associate pastor of the church had seen me crying and approached me. That’s when he told me these words, “Everything happens for a reason”.

Having to go to a different school for eighth grade, I of course met new people and made new friends. There was one student who at the beginning of the year would get on my nerves. She would enjoy annoying me. As the school year went on, I became close friends with her. I became her confidant and learned that she was going through a lot of difficulties at home and at school. She was stressed out and needed somebody to be there for her. Without having anyone, she would relieve stress by self mutilating.

It was at that point that the words of my associate pastor came back to me. I realized that no one in the school was planning on helping her and being there for her. I became her close friend and let her become aware of the fact that I would not let her down. She eventually stopped the self mutilation and is now a different person. If I had not been there, who knows what might have happened.

God knew what was going to happen in your life. In a way, he did prepare you for it. At first, I did not feel ready to deal with a girl who self mutilates. However, realizing what she needed and giving it to her has helped me a lot. It has even helped with things that are not similar to that. Dealing with a person who hurts herself physically takes a lot of patience, which you also need when working with children. Oddly, from that experience I realized that I aspire to be a teacher. I have found that I have the patience to deal with a range of things. That experience has also has an impact on my personality. I’ve realized that I have the ability to help others.

Things will work out for the better. There really is a reason why everything happens. There is a reason why you are sitting at your desk, in your car, in your house, or wherever you happen to be at the moment. There is a reason why today may just be the most wonderful day of your life. Similar to that, there is a reason why today may just be an ordinary day or a horrible day. Instead of looking at all the bad that has come out of a situation, accept what good has happened and thank God for that.