This I Believe

Katie - Willow Springs, Illinois
Entered on October 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

What Dreams Are Made Of

My name is Katie XX and I am a sophomore at a high school a little outside of Chicago. Aside from a few minor details, I live a pretty normal life. I have grown up in the suburbs, come from a supportive family, and love mint chocolate chip ice cream and Grey’s Anatomy. Though my life may not be exotic by any means (seeing as I cannot even vouch for a broken bone), it is my story and the only story I have ever known. I can’t guarantee that the story thus far will be interesting, but I have faith that my future will hold wonderful things.

I believe in ambition. Any ambition. Whether it be to go down in the Guinness Book or just getting promoted to fry guy at Arby’s. Ambitions are what get me through each and every day of my life- more than just oblivious goals I set. Ambition, to me, is following through on the dreams dearest to you, and doing so with your best effort possible. Ambitions have the power to change and shape the world, and without them all would be lost. After all, wasn’t it Edison’s ambition to create the first light bulb? And what would have happened had Walt Disney not taken his sketch of Mickey Mouse to the silver screen? Ambition is the ink on which I am able to begin to draw out my life with. Without it, I would, literally, be going nowhere.

I also believe that the importance of individual ambition is high in this day and age. In a time when the media impacts the world (especially teenagers) on a daily basis, personal ambition is crucial. MTV tells me that there is only one acceptable ambition for teenage girls: to be super skinny, outrageously rich, and drop-dead gorgeous. But if everyone looked and thought like Paris Hilton, would there be any variety in the world? I don’t think so. It is so easy to feel surrounded by the ambitions seen as “cool” or “popular”, but I want to have my own ambitions; something I, as an individual, can work toward to better my future, something that is real and completely my own.

Life is far too short to live without passion. And even if I do never break a bone along the way, I will proudly know I am working towards something, hopefully, much, much bigger. This, I believe.