This I Believe

Meggie - LaGrange, Illinois
Entered on October 1, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the act of giving. A wise woman once taught me the act of giving. She gave of herself when she had barely anything to give. She helped others when she herself was in need of so much help. She gave and gave till she could give no more in her last hours. I try to live my life the way she led hers. She was such an inspiration and I will never forget how much she offered of herself.

I am involved in a service club. The club goes to different organizations and helps out. Also it lends a hand to anyone in the area who is in need. One time we had to clean up a former teacher’s yard. This teacher had a stroke and had been paralyzed through half her body and it affected her brain. She used to love working outside in her garden and keeping up with the daily tasks of her lot, which was right next to a forest. After the incident she was unable to do any yard work because she was too weak. The amount of work kept building up till it all became just too overwhelming for her. Arriving at her home you could see how much in need of assistance she truly was. The group worked hours upon hours pulling weeds, receiving splinters, and having to deal with more bugs and rodents then anyone should ever have to come across. When the day came to a close and our work was done everyone sat around the woman that all the day’s effort had been committed to. Tears streamed down her face as she tried to thank us but had a hard time as half of her face was paralyzed. This moment stands out for me because it shows what the act of giving could do in this situation. This small act of kindness made the world a little easier to bear for this woman.

If making a difference means spending a couple of hours committed to giving to those in need then I would be willing to offer my help and assistance. I learned that giving to others does not mean the act has to be big. It could be so simple yet have a great impact on the person you gave to. That is why I believe in the act of giving because it gives hope to those who need the help.