This I Believe

Mariam - LaGrange Park, Illinois
Entered on October 1, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

Picture this: a young boy and his family of thirteen, all sleeping together in the same seven foot by seven foot room. During a time when people made less than three cents an hour, and worked sixteen hour shifts. During a time where only the oldest son is allowed to attend school, while the other children must raise money for the family to survive just one more week. Also a time when attending college was only for the wealthiest of families and never to be thought of by lowly farmers.

My father was given his chance to come to the United States by the kindness of his father, who taught him what results can come from hard work. Coming to the U.S. with just a few cents in his pocket, and no shoes, he started his new life. In his thirty years spent here he has received a PhD, and started a couple of his own companies. He is the one that taught me that the only way to get through life is to do it with hard work, and hard work is the only way things will be accomplished. That is too what I believe in.

I on the other hand I had a few more luxuries than my father. I used dance as my outlet through hard work. If I never used hard work during an advanced dance class, I would never be able to do fouettés or double pirouettes. Every class, rehearsal, or practice of any kind of dance, I make sure that I work my hardest. Even though whatsoever I happen to be doing at the time may be tedious and I might want to give up, I never do, because I know that the results will be priceless.

In addition to using hard work at dance, I also use hard work in many other situations. Whether it is in the most boring class of the day, I try to give my best effort and work the hardest I can. I believe in hard work, and the outcome it brings. Without hard work you cannot accomplish anything. Do every act of your life as if it were your last.