This I Believe

Linda - San leandro, California
Entered on October 1, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

Things Happen for a Reason

I believe things happen for a reason; either it’s to make us happy or teach us a lesson. It isn’t because we want it to happen but it’s because it was meant to happen. Life is about things happening and even if you didn’t want it to turn out that way; look at it as if it was a good thing, but even if isn’t a good thing make the best of it because it was meant to happen. I finally learned things happen for a reason because when I was younger I would regret everything I did wrong, but I finally realized that I shouldn’t regret it. I should suck it up and move on and learn from my mistakes. Last summer the summer going into my junior year, I went to summer school and I met this guy; let’s call him Joe. Well we really got along and we talked a lot, so I thought he was a nice guy and I thought I “knew” him, so we went out. One week before I was going to start school I went on vacation and while I was there Joe acted really weird. He acted as if he didn’t care about me anymore and just stop acting like himself. So when school started I ended it because I was tired of crying and fighting. Later he told my friend that I never really “knew” him, so I guess he just acted that way to get with me. I never been so hurt in my life, but at first I regretted it; I wished it never happened. I wish I went to another summer school, I wish I never met him; I wished a lot of things. Finally I realized I should stop wishing and just moved on, it hit me that this happened for a reason, it was fate because I almost went to another summer school, but my friends and counselor convinced me to go to Laney. So I don’t regret it anymore because going out with him taught me a lesson. It taught me that you think you may know a person, but you really don’t. So if it happens it happens. You can’t do anything about it after it has been done. So just move on with life and be happy and smile because life is something worth smiling about. Everything happens for a reason…