This I Believe

Michael - Livonia, Michigan
Entered on October 1, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe essay

I believe in helping people who need it, without the thought of getting paid for it. I believe there are few things that carry as much reward as earned by taking such action.

I was raised in Christian household, whose parents, went to and took us kids to church every week. This was at times very annoying to me, but being a child I had to endure it. I must admit I learned many things there, but there where things my parents taught me outside of church that lasted the longest.

I remember riding to church on Sunday morning (a little late as usual). My dad was wearing his new suit and we kids had new clothes as well. We passed a car on the freeway that was pulled over to the side. The front tire was flat and an elderly lady was standing next to it. My dad pulled over and jumped out and began to change the women’s tire. My sister said to my dad “we are going to be late for church, dad”. My father replied “Don’t worry, God will understand”.

I remember thinking that my dad was going to get something on his new suit and that would indeed be tragedy. After all, it wasn’t very common for my dad to let go of enough money to purchase a new suit. When he was done the lady offered to pay him, which he politely refused. We followed the lady down the freeway and were surprised when she pulled into the same church we were going to. It turned out that this lady was a good friend of my mothers, parent.

Today when I am driving down the road and see a person in the same kind of situation, I think back to that day. Be it a young or elder female or even male, I will stop and see if there is any assistance I can offer. I am amazed at the people today who view that situation as being a potential victim. I worry about a society where there is a “no good deed goes unpunished’ kind of attitude. I always think to myself, what if that was my mother, sister or even wife? I think expecting monetary reward for helping someone in that situation is wrong as well.

I believe in helping those who need it. I believe the reward will come one day when it is you wife, sister or mother on the side of the road.