This I Believe

Makenna - Springfield, Ohio
Entered on October 1, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

29 September 2006

Power of a Smile

When I was three, I discovered my profound belief in the power of a smile. Initially, I did not understand the purpose of a smile because I would only get smiles for being so adorable. One day someone smiled at me, and I smiled at someone else. Smiles are contagious, and I realize smiles are passed on from person to person because whenever someone gives me a smile I then smile at another stranger. Smiles are so simple but to some people, they mean the world. Even if it is a complete stranger to whom I give a smile, it makes me feel better because I could have just helped that person who had a bad day, I could have made someone’s day better, or I have to accept that maybe I did not effect some people at all.

I do also accept that some people do not acknowledge the smile; they ignore it and move on with their lives. My smiling to others makes me feel better because I did not ignore the person’s existence. For me, a smile from an unfamiliar person makes me feel better. It is a move that lets someone know he cares about others, or a friendly gesture. My belief in a smile is that it is also contagious. It can be passed on to hundreds of people a day. I have noticed that a person who receives a smile is more likely to give a smile back to someone else. It is a never-ending chain reaction, or as I like to call it, paying it forward. By paying a smile forward, I mean that smiles are passed on from person to person, so the smile is being brought forward to several people daily. I could not imagine living in a world where people did not smile at each other; the world would be a bleak place to live. Some people would be considered to be self- centered and uncaring. Although, people who do give smiles may mean that the smile is not real. It may just be an action that the person feels he has to make. In other words, smile can be false. Not being able to smile at someone openly would be a terrible feeling to have. A smile from anyone makes my day better because people do not have to smile, but it is the thought and gesture. I love smiling at people; I have had the feeling of the power of a smile ever since I was three years old when I realized the impact that a smile can have on others. Smiling is powerful because it touches people in many ways. A smile can be given to anyone by anyone, but it is the gesture that makes all the difference in the world.