This I Believe

Alexandria - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on October 1, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that one day you will see the name Alie Schoening in magazines. One day I truly believe that I’m going to be famous. People around the country will know my name and know what I did. I might be a writer of fantasy books, or a bassist in a band, or maybe even an actress; it will only be a matter of time. I’ll be at a major book signing, or playing on a stage to a huge crowd, or walking down the red carpet.

I have always enjoyed writing since I was a little kid. I used to make up short little stories and keep them in a notebook. I do the same thing now, only my stories fill up a whole notebook not just one page. Writing is something I’m very passionate about I can really see it taking me far in life. People say you should love your job and I love writing, it would be a great job for me.

I love playing the bass. I don’t play often since I don’t own one yet, but when I get one I’ll be playing every day. I like it because it not the guitar which a lot of people play, it’s something different. The sound is deep and you can set the tone for a song with the bass. It is definitely a cool instrument and my favorite. You can have more than one guitar in a band, but only one bassist. One day I could see myself playing on stage for fans at warped tour. That would be a dream come true, to be just like the bands I love today.

I also like acting. I’ve been in a couple school productions and really enjoyed them. Acting is a big game of pretend, and who doesn’t like to pretend? You get to believe for a short time that you’re someone else. I could see myself in a movie one day.

I believe all these things because I have confidence in myself. I know that I can do these things, and I know I can be famous for them. I know also that I can fail at them, but that doesn’t discourage me. All you need is confidence and some skill. I have both which means I can make it the world. I may not be the worlds next J.K. Rowling, but if I write books people will know about them. My band might not be the next Green Day, but we will have fans if we try. I may not be the new Nicole Kidman, but I can be in movies. Having those fans whether there’s a hundred or a hundred million it will be famous enough for me. So be sure to look for me later in life. Don’t worry you’ll find me, and you’ll see that I’m a famous star.