This I Believe

Andrew - LaGrange, Illinois
Entered on October 1, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

Everyone in this world is different. No two people are exactly the same in appearance of behavior. Because of this diversity, I believe that people should not be criticized for how they express themselves.

There are six billion different people on the face of the planet. This means that there are no two people that are completely alike. They may have similar body structures or the same likes and dislikes, but they are still not exactly like the other person. I know that all six billion of us should be able to show how we feel, how we act, and what we think in all different ways. Sure some of us would express similarly, but a majority of us would be showing these things differently.

I think that because we all would ourselves differently, some of the people would criticize how we showed how we felt. Many people in this world care way too much about how they look or what message they are sending. I think this is because of the way culture has made us think. Our culture makes this impossible image that only a few people can fit into like that a pretty girl has to weigh 90 pounds, or a guy has to have washboard abs. Because our culture cares about how they look and what people think of them, people start to obsess about how somebody else acts or how they appear.

I remember a story of when I first started middle school. On the first day of seventh grade, I was extremely worried about how I looked. For the first week, I was always thinking about how I looked or how I acted. I was constantly worried that somebody would judge me the wrong way because of how I expressed myself. As a result of all this worrying, I became really stressed out. Eventually, I realized that I didn’t have to look or act perfect. I started to realize that everybody is different and should be able to express themselves differently. I just had to be myself and then everything else would fall into place. This realization told me that I shouldn’t worry about being judged. I now try to express myself freely whenever I can. Because I do that, I have more fun and don’t get too stressed out about things.

All six million of us should be able to show how we feel, how we act, and what we think about in different ways. Because if we didn’t, and we all expressed ourselves similarly, we all would all be uptight and would never have any fun. And I know, that none of us would like to live in a world like that.