This I Believe

Jack - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on October 1, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family


I BELIEVE family is the CENTER of happiness. // My family has been there for me in times of DESPAIR AND JOY. E v e n i f t h e y a r e n o t p h y s i c a l l y t h e r e , t h e y a r e a l w a y s t h e r e i n s p i r i t.//

Since I can remember, my entire family from my dad’s side has gone to Saugatuck, Michigan, for a couple weeks, towards the end of July. This is a great time to show our love for each other and to have a good time. I would always love to go to town with all the cousins and buy some ice cream at the local shop. All of us would then go and walk along the docks telling stories about our lives and just having a blast. // After this, all of us would go back to the “ORCHARD HOUSE,” which is a house that symbolizes the love and happiness in our family for over twenty years that our family has had it, and as a group, //go to the bluff with all the Uncles. I can picture just how much fun I had since it was now the UNCLES TURN to tell their stories. Something special about this family is how well everyone gets along and how everyone enjoys the company of all. Also, I fine true happiness because of our own method of, “No Cousin Left Behind,” and how everyone wants to hang out with all the cousins, or else missing one would feel like a huge hole in everyone’s heart. // I know there are some families out there that DREAD going to see their cousins and uncles. N o t m e , I D R E A D l e a v i n g. //

The feeling I get when I see my family is unbeatable compared to anything in the world. Hanging out with the cousins I have shows how lucky I really am. I have noticed over the years how much family can change your personality and choices. The choices that I make always reflect the reputation of my family, //I would never want to diminish the family name. So instead, I make good decisions to enhance the name. I can personally say that family has changed my traits for the better and I think that I am overall, //a happier person that if I had no family a t a l l.