This I Believe

Rafael - LaGrange, Illinois
Entered on October 1, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Things Can Only Get Better

I believe that my caddy master is a jerk. Ever since the first day of caddie training at Butler National I knew that I was dealing with an evil dictator. Up until that first day on the job every adult in my life had treated me with warmth and respect. Suddenly I found myself, at the age of thirteen spending my summer days under the supervision of an unforgiving drill sergeant. After the first week I realized that he would probably never respond to my “good mornings” or “hellos.” So I just stopped giving them out. Within the first month I had been yelled at and shunned on the course and in the caddy shack more times than I had in my entire life from my mother, father, grandparents, uncles, and even my sister, collectively.

In spite of how difficult it is now, I believe that dealing with such a jerk will help me be more successful later in life. Why does one go to work anyway? Some might say to follow their dreams or discover their passion. I think people mostly do it for the money. Most people work under the supervision of someone. Odds are that “someone” might not be that easy to get along with. It takes tolerance, patience, and the ability to keep all the profanities your thinking inside your head. I have already had three years of practice dealing with the most irrational and erratic boss that ever lived. For me, it can only get better!

I believe carrying golf bags for crabby, rude, and sometimes obnoxious “ wealthy gentlemen” has also served me well. I have learned to smile and nod when I really feel like saying “clean your own golf ball!” I can keep a straight face and hold in my laughter when old Mr. Smith hits the ball into the water because he gets distracted during his backswing by his own flatulence.

So everyday on the golf course is a life lesson. I am learning to be tolerant of others bad behavior and character flaws. I smile while I feel like whining and I keep a straight face when I feel like cracking up. Although my future career hopefully doesn’t involve carrying bags and raking sand traps, I believe I am learning some general skills that will help me survive any work environment. But why do I really do it? For the money, why else?