This I Believe

Justyn - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on October 1, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe Essay

Give Them a Choice: You’d Be Surprised

I believe that choices made in a person’s life help to express themselves and get through their problems. It was during one weekend when I was hanging out with some friends, we had planned to do something later in the day. However, I also had a family commitment at the same time which I had known about at least a month earlier. I was at a loss at that moment about what to do. Many factors were playing over and over in my mind as if they were fighting one another for control. I weighed both of my options for what to do and the consequences didn’t looking very pleasing.

On one side, I could have asked my parents to leave me behind so that I could enjoy that time I had with my friends. However based on past experience, I knew my parents would be absolutely enraged, as I had a responsibility of honoring our family’s social events. If I did go to my family event, my friends would be a little upset, but they would soon understand the kind of fix I was in. My choices were limited and the outcomes were bleak, but for me personally, something planned over a month ago should not be overwritten by something planned a week beforehand.

Choices in your life tell others about whom you really are and how you work. Each person responds to a situation in a different way, depending on the circumstances. All of these factors can be used to describe you or me in this world that we live in. This organized world of ours, where perception is everything. What may look like a good decision for me may have a devastating effect on someone else in the same situation. Making the right choices can demonstrate my levels of maturity in a positive way. It can also lead me to many other surprises later in life. I have my own thoughts and feelings, and I need to make the choices that are best for me. Each of us makes choices on a daily basis. It is these choices we make that will determine who we are.