This I Believe

Tracy - hookerton, North Carolina
Entered on October 1, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in taking time for yourself

I am twenty-one years old and for the past year I have neglected myself. I work a part time job and go to school full-time. Normally I would spend every waking moment engrossing myself in my school work and if I skipped studying to do something fun, the stress would set in. My weight at one point sky-rocketed because I did not take the time to exercise or eat right. I was always worrying about school work, work and worry about other people problems that did not concern me. I suffer from acid reflux and with all the worrying I put myself through there were many days I woke with severe chest pains and a rapid heart beat. I also experienced insomnia, I would toss and turn at night and be totally miserable in the morning. These problems threw me way off course; I finally realized that I would never feel truly happy if I neglected what was important to me.

So this year I have been doing activities that are pleasing to me and learned to put my needs before anything else. I was unhappy at work because it was getting to difficult to set aside time to relax from day to day stress, but I managed to schedule my work and school in a way where I had more free time. It feels good to go bowling, shopping, read a novel and not feel guilty when I do.

If you do not focus some time on yourself, there is no way you can complete other important tasks in you life. I had to learn this lesson by gaining unwanted weight and stressing out at work. I had to allow myself time that was devoted to me just for one day and let all the other problems stay on the back burner. That is why I believe in taking time for yourself even if it is just for one day.