This I Believe

Carlye - Sharpsville, Pennsylvania
Entered on September 28, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I was in kindergarten my mother started teaching me to read with Hooked on Phonics. I loved when my mom would read to me and now I could do it on my own; I was finally a big girl. When I got to first grade the teacher told my mom to slow down because I was too far ahead of the class and I was going to be bored. When I got to third grade my mom noticed I couldn’t read as well as before. She was worried, so she started back on Hooked on Phonics, and things got better for a while. When fifth grade came around the same thing happened. I was having trouble in school again; it was a never ending rollercoaster ride with my grades. My mom was at a lost, so she enrolled me in Sylvan Learning Center. My grades went sky high! As happy as my mother was she knew there was still something wrong. In seventh grade the school tested me for dyslexia, but said I was fine. My mother and I were told things like, “You’re putting too much pressure on her…she’ll do fine. She’s a pretty and popular young lady, don’t worry about it.” Since I was still in Sylvan and getting good grade my mom didn’t really do much more about it, until I got to high school. My grades dropped. So I went back into Sylvan, but once again my mom knew there was a bigger problem, so she had me privately tested. Dr. Charilla told us, “It’s so vivid how could they have not seen it?”

There it was plan and simple. I was dyslexic. I thought my life was over. Then again I was happy. I knew what was wrong and my mom was once again reassured that her mothers’ intuition was always right. The school had to finally admit that they were wrong in diagnosing me. I was mainstreamed and for extra help my mom found me the most wonderful tutor you could ask for. My wonderful tutor also shared her knowledge of The Gow School with us.

After much debiting (meaning I didn’t want to go and my mother pretty much said I was going) I went to The Gow School Summer Program for five weeks. I attended classes in the morning and had fun camp actives in the afternoon and on the weekends we left and went on weekend trips. In our classes we learned a new style of reading for dyslexics with out having to taking tests. It was so much fun I ended up going back the next summer. I learn a lot from the Gow School, I met new people that I will never for get, I new way learning but the most important thing I learned is dyslexia is a gift.