This I Believe

Melissa - Countryside, Illinois
Entered on September 28, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

I believe in hope. It is both what I would like to happen and what I deeply desire to happen. Sometimes it is what I depend on to get me through a hard or stressful day. It has been something for me to lean on.

When I was in sixth grade, an event took place that would alter my sense of security for the rest of my life. I came home from school and my sister asked me where the TV was. I was confused and disoriented when I realized that the TV and DVD players in our living room were gone. Upstairs, my mom’s jewelry box was on the ground and her desk left open. We had been robbed! Being just small children, my sister and I locked all of the doors and called my dad. I have never felt such a deep fear and helplessness in my life than at that moment, walking around my house.

With every step I hoped that what I was seeing was not happening, hoped that what was happening could not be. That hope is what kept me from breaking down and losing control. I had so many things in my head that hour. I knew that I had to act responsibly for my sister, myself and the situation. All of these feeling revolved around the hope that everything would be alright.

My parents rushed home and listed everything that had been stolen for the policeman; one of the items was my mom’s check book. Even though I was 12, I still understood the seriousness of the situation.

A few days later, my mom received a notice from the bank that there had been a check forgery in her bank account. My family and I went to the bank and watched a security tape of the man who had taken from us. We did not recognize him. He took our things and had tried to take money from our bank account. Fortunately, before he withdrew anything, the police were called. He ran out seconds before the police arrived and was not caught. I was so angry that he had gotten away. Ever since that day, I have hopes of getting our things back and catching the thief.

Throughout my time of fright and disbelief, my hope was there for me to lean on and I still depend on it every day. Without it I would still live in fear and insecurity; it guides me. Hope to me is like a helping hand, another person to help me live and that is why I so strongly believe in hope.