This I Believe

Kristie - countryside, Illinois
Entered on September 28, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that wishing on the first star I see each night that someday what I wish for will come true.

Ever since I was a small child every time I would see a shooting star or just a star I would make a wish. Everyday I would wish for the same thing hoping someday it would come true. Last year my father was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphomas, which is a form of cancer in the neck. Every night after my family discovered that my father has cancer every night I will wish that my father will get better.

The trouble with wishing on stars is that our wishes are only in out imagination. Some people believe that it would take a true miracle to make the wishes become a reality. When they do not come true right away many people will give up and stop believing that its ok to believe in wishing on stars. If you keep wishing on stars it can make a difference and eventually the wish will come true.

If has been almost a year since my father was first diagnosed and still every night I would wish on the first star I saw that my dad could be healthy again. Our life could go back to the way it was before he was diagnosed. One night I had a gut feeling in my stomach that this night was going to be different and this star would be the one that would make a difference. When I saw the star I thought long, and hard of what I wanted, and I wished for it. The week was the same as usual so I thought nothing was going to change and my feelings were wrong. The next week my father went in for his tests and we had to wait a few weeks for the results to come back. The weeks I was waiting when I saw a star I not only wished he would be healthy again but that his tests results would come back positive. When the results finally came back they were positive and we were so relieved. Deep down inside I believed that I helped those results come back positive by wishing on the stars every night.

Some people can say it was a coincidence that the time I had the feeling the cancer went away but I don’t. I believe that if I had not wished on those stars his cancer might still be here or something worse. To all those kids who will on those stars and their parents think it is silly do not listen to them. If you wish and believe someday the wish will come true just like mine did.