This I Believe

Patricia - Evergreen Park, Illinois
Entered on September 28, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

“This I Believe”

I have a plan. Maybe my plan is more of a project or procedure involving everyone I have contact with and no one knows my objective but me, until now.

I am convinced that if I can cause a smile to edge across one person’s face each day, or cause one individual to laugh out loud every day, I can make this world a slightly more pleasurable place to exist. One person, one day at a time, two people one day at time, or a thousand people one day at a time, the outcome of my actions will lead to my intention of making a human being smile or laugh.

As a youngster I knew I possessed a penchant for humor. I find humor everywhere; I love to hear laughter and see a smiling face. And so my crusade began: I set about to do or say something to all I encountered to cause them to grin and chuckle.

I sometimes think our names may have to do with our professions, or what we are intended to develop into. My dog’s veterinarian was Dr. Bone. Before I became pregnant I was scheduled to meet with a fertility specialist, Dr. Conception. Witas (pronounced Wit-tis) is my maiden name, when I was in high school a friend thought I should write for the school paper and my column could be called Pat’s Witas-cisms. Wit was my nickname in those days, so my adventure in smiles and laughter seems to be kismet.

I find if I smile at anyone and offer a positive greeting, the effect is generally successful. Body language must be added for further reaction. For example, a smile and outstretched arms or extended hands may produce a smile and a hug. With children, I smile while raising my shoulders and put my hands under my chin and wave. They will generally mimic me, and the smile is returned, sometimes with a giggle.

If we converge and my smile and greeting beguiles you into a conversation, I know in a short period of time we’ll discover a common link and I’ll try my best for us to laugh about it. Laughter can make us happy, put us in a good mood, make us thin, make us cry and make our muscles ache. Laughter makes us smile. Laughter brightens our spot on this planet, yours and mine.

When I give a smile, I’ll gain a smile. Speak kind words and receive kind words. Courtesy generates courtesy, consideration produces consideration and compassion promotes compassion. This formula is not 100 percent true, but if my actions can inspire a smile and a snicker, or maybe if I can motivate someone to use me as a template, then I believe my plan will be a success.

Perhaps in the beginning there was a smile.