This I Believe

Tory - USA
Entered on September 27, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in living life for yourself and doing what make you happy. Many people rather do something because it is practical, but go through life unhappy always wondering if life would be different.

I formed this belief after watching Joseph Campbell and The Power of the Myth in twelfth grade. He adamantly forced the idea of “following your bliss” through out the six parts of the entire documentary. I started thinking about my future and realized that in forty years I did not want to wake up every morning and dread going to work. I think following your bliss is a very poetic ideal and hopefully other of my generation will take this belief and emulate it. Ayn Rand further enforced my belief in my favorite book The Fountainhead. The protagonist of the book, Howard Roark, only designs buildings that were originally his and he did not mimic other in order to appease the public.

My father went to college to be a history teacher. He was never given the chance to complete that dream because he started working for a company right after college and ended up staying there for thirty years. Although we was successful in the company and ended up running his individual plant, he was never truly happy with his life until he retired recently. I think he kept up with his job in order to support his family. I respect this but would never want to spend my prime years working in a job that does not give me any joy.

I have chosen my major, mathematics, not because I am good at it but because I actually enjoy solving problems and have a feeling of accomplishment when I do so. In high school, there was not one subject that I could not perform exceptional in. Math was the only one that gave new challenges to overcome and gratified me when I did well. I plan on going in to the actuarial career even though most people find that boring but it is exciting for me.

I think if more people finds happiness in their life’s work, the world would be a better place. People would feel like they have a purpose in life and they would have control with their life’s future. They would be able to live life with out regret, which secretly I believe everybody wants.