This I Believe

Roger - Elgin, South Carolina
Entered on September 27, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: community

Sometimes fear grips hold and does not let go.

This is what I believe. I am weary. I want it to end. I want us to live in a place where children can go to sleep at night without the sound of gunfire; walls riddled with bullet holes and judgment. I believe that these children deserve a restful night curled securely under a blanket of hope, clutching tightly the hand of a velveteen friend and dreaming about the things children dream about. Instead, I see eyes peeking out from behind a curtain of terror while death swirls about their heads and broken bodies litter their streets.

The unease I feel is quickly placed into a box and I tightly seal the lid. I stack it next to the dust-covered box labeled trust.

I take pleasure in my life, my family, my work. I cross paths with people everyday who are on their own voyage. We shake hands, exchange plastic words and move on through our lives. You would think that in a world where instant communication is old news and time travel seems to really be right around the corner, we would be a more connected and trusting people.

I believe that we are broken and we are divided.

How did we get this way? I have my own ideas, but I choose to keep that box locked tightly. Maybe you think you know the answer.

How can we, a broken and divided people, turn the tide? How can we be a people of hope, a people of faith, a people of peace? How can we grasp hold of one another and walk hand in hand? How can we make a difference in the world around us? How can we stop flying bullets and angry judgment from killing hope and our children? How can we break open our boxes?

Stop. Listen.

There is a still small voice.

Listen closely. The tide is turning. Do you hear it?

It is a whisper. It is a breath. It is gratitude. It is hope. It is trust.

It is the human spirit.

This, I believe.