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La-Rue - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on September 26, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: question, science

What True Origin

Since the beginning of time life has existed. From a single cell organism we have multiplied and evolved. What is our world made from. Not the earth below your feet. The atmosphere and society that sustains all life. The atmosphere exchanges oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide with its inhabitants. In my opinion our knowledge is selected by an inexplicable force not fully understood by man kind. Whither it is religious or otherwise. Discoveries have influenced scientist to seek what was before the race of man. So we have learned first their was dinosaurs, the ice age, the cave man and his discovery of fire. Later when children mature learn of the primordial soup theory and the big bang theory. Some may believe all life crawled out of the primordial soup. Others and myself believe in the Big Bang; a universal super nova that ejected space dust that eventually materialized the solar system and so on. I prefer to believe in the big bang because I would hate to think everything I know to day came from a bowl of goo. It seems that our heritage is all based on theories that might not be entirely true so what is the true beginning of our origin. This is what I believe. This is why I pursue answers.

I ask myself these very questions and no matter where I go there is no real answer. We know of the theories that built our origin but what was there before them. Something had to make them didn‘t they. For example, this world is based on the terms of yin and yang, cause and effect, etc. So what was before the big bang and what caused it. Or what made the soup. All this thought of what happened before me forces me to think of what will happen after me. It is a scary thought however whomever can think of this also will notice that as a race we have learned so much however it is now where near comparison to how much we can not tell. So I may not know all there is however I am going to let time take its toll. It has done so before me and it will continue after me. These are words to live by, it may not be much but it’s what matters and these are words to live by believe it!

In the end, what do we know of origin besides what others before us tell us. When does time begin; when does it end. Is it an enigma or does it take toll forever and always.