This I Believe

Tim - Roanoke, Virginia
Entered on September 26, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe the jewel is in the lotus, and that the lotus is in me. I believe that my mind connects me to a human spirit, and that this spirit is Holy, and that it transcends physical limitations of time and space. I do not believe that I am a Buddha. I do not believe that our Holy Human Spirit condones murder for land, oil, ignorance or pride. I believe that pride is an original sin that corrupts the Human Spirit, striping it of the capacity to Love. I believe that Love is the Human Spirit’s most divine attribute, binding people together in friendships. I believe the communion of friends to be the most perfect embodiment of our Holy Human Spirit.

I believe that those whom I’ve called friends have given me insight into right and wrong, and that I should live my life in such a way that I respect my friends and the divine communion they’ve shared with me. I believe that if these words reach those whom I’ve once called friends, but with whom I no longer have contact, that they will tickle their brains, and that their brains will release whatever chemicals necessary to make their bodies feel warmth of remembrance, the warmth I feel in a place somewhere between my belly, heart and lungs. I believe that my mind works in harmony with these organs to right itself and to maintain a path of moral goodness through life’s chaotic ups and downs. I believe that, if I respect our Human Spirit, I feel this warmth, and if I violate this Spirit, that warmth goes away.

I believe that the mind, belly, lungs and heart are four petals on my lotus flower, and that the more they open up to the moment in which I find myself in the here and now, the more our Human Spirit might shine through me into the world into which I am thrown.