This I Believe

Aaron - Banner Elk, North Carolina
Entered on September 26, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in Chivalry. I believe that chivalry should still be encouraged even though when you step outside on the street it looks as if no one cares about it anymore. I believe that men should still be encouraged to open doors for women, to stand up when they leave or enter a room. I get discouraged when I see TV shows that portray women just as sex objects and nothing more. Don’t get me wrong I believe that women could help this matter. Women should not feel as though they are required to parade themselves around in skimpy clothing just to attract men. I live on a college campus and I see a lot of my female friends dating guys that really don’t care for them as much as they should. They only care about what they can get out of the relationship and not what they can contribute. I think that this mentality of how a relationship should be is way off base. I think that we should get back to treating women as a gift from God, and not just an object of desire. Now I realize that in today’s society the media does not put a whole lot of attention on this topic. Which is why most men do not have a good basis for being chivalrous. Now don’t think that I am making excuses for the male sex, but I am just making the point that if the media would have a little more discretion in the area of sex and women, men would most likely have an easier time adhering to a more chivalrous code of conduct. I understand that sex sales, I mean lust is a natural human desire for men and women, but at the same time I know everyone wants to be treated with respect. So why don’t we try and be more romantic now and again.