This I Believe

Andrew - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Entered on September 26, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe that torture is terrorism at the individual level. The use of absolute power over a person to intimidate and injure another is the same thing as the use of random violence – except that in the case of torture, a known individual is targeted whereas in terrorism, anonymous groups are targeted.

Indefinite detention is the worst form of torture, because it is the ultimate destruction of hope and the ultimate abuse of power. Indefinite detention without the right to a fair trial is no less than the destruction of a soul. A person in indefinite detention has no information and no hope; and more, lives in absolute ignorance of the future – and therefore they have no future – they have essentially disappeared.

I believe that anyone who truly and realistically tries to imagine themselves or a loved one being tortured or being held in indefinite detention will immediately realize that they the are the most extreme moral outrages. I believe that if every American tested themselves this way that we would immediately end torture and indefinite detention, because they truly are fundamentally in conflict with our most basic values. I believe that Americans believe this.