This I Believe

Kyle - Littleton, Colorado
Entered on September 25, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever walked down the street and been judged? Well in today’s world people are judged everyday from the color of your skin to what you believe there will always be someone there who doesn’t like who you are for that. And there has always been judgmental people sense the beginning of time. I don’t know why humans judge others but they do.

As a skateboarder and teenager I get judged daily. Older people are always saying how teens are reckless and have no respect for society. And being a skater doesn’t make it any better. Over the summer me and the rest of the MTS skate team skated and filmed everyday for our video, and everyday there would be a new skate spot and a new security guard kicking us out. But we would never give up, our means of transportation was mainly busses and light rail sometime older friends would drive us but it was mainly RTD. When we would get on the busses or trains people would stair and watch us as were sitting there. The ticket checkers were always at us first checking, we got kicked off a few times for not having tickets but we usually had ours. But not once did I want to quite because of what people said because as long as your doing what you enjoy no one should be able to bring you down.

I don’t think people will ever stop judging but I do believe that real people don’t need labels or classifications because we are all different and feel different things we also have different interests and personalities and have different ways of expressing ourselves. Why would you even care if some one is different from you? That doesn’t make them any better or worse then you we are all in this world as one different society.

Will you walk down the street and judge some one?