This I Believe

Molly - Gilbert, Arizona
Entered on September 25, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Conforming to Non-Conformity

I can’t help but reminisce the carefree laid-back environment of middle school. During these two years of utter free will it seemed as if the majority of the students paid complete disregarded to the clothes, style, education, and stereotype of their fellow students. Many groups of friends were made up of kids who were entire opposites. No one really appeared to care or notice. This feeling of comfort throughout Junior High led me to be believe High School was even greater.

As I entered High School as a freshman in an inquisitive manner it had finally fazed me, High School was nothing like Junior High. The students I thought I had once known appeared as newly conformed wannabes. The hallways were spotted with these groups of naïve people. Each group looked and dressed the same. Another quirk I noticed was that not even one of the groups were conversing with each other. They all stood in their own world, their heads supplied with thoughts of superiority to the others, which surrounded them.

Now, being a sophomore my peers are beginning to gain the knowledge of individuality. More and more students are realizing the blear-wittedness of their actions freshman year. I find it somewhat humorous how many students are now conforming to the idea of non-conformity in ensuing their fellow peers. Although this may just be a perpetual cycle, I only hope some students are obtaining this from their own thinking.

I know citizens all over this country are being swallowed into the abyss of conformity. Even in Government such as electing a president. Much of the populous is unknowingly getting their deliberation taken from them through media and advertising, using a powerful form of persuasion. If this continues I fear that many of us will no longer think for ourselves as individuals, but simply follow the flow.

Ultimately, I felt the need to make this issue known to the public. By this I am not saying I expect termination of the problem itself but to simply raise public awareness. Staying true to oneself and remaining the being a person one is are vital aspects of maintaining one’s individuality in life- This I believe.