This I Believe

kelina - seminole, Florida
Entered on September 25, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

Having all those kids…

I’ve been at my job now for a little over six years. In those six years I have heard at least a zillion times “It must be hard for you having all those kids.” When i first started my job I was a little undecided about explaining to people that I had four kids. I guess Im saying I was ashamed. Me a somewhat attractive female, married then divorced single mom all the way.

With every new face, after they saw my one picture of my children, the looks on their face where pure pity. I couldnt understand why they pitied me. Why were they feeling bad for me. I would go home ashamed. About five years ago I was in touble with the law for neglect on my middle son. After understanding what my purpose in life was . I took control of my life, my children and me. I no longer am ashamed or bitter at those careless remarks. It is me now that pity those who make those remarks. It’s me now who takes it all in stride. Im proud of me, of who I am, what I’ve become. I became a mom. And having added to my family both a new daughter and a step parent. I can honestly say ” with having all these kids and taking care of them, and loving them. I can honestly say I’ve earned my rights to bragg.