This I Believe

Larry - indianola, Iowa
Entered on September 25, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: science

As often and as early as I could remember, I was tearing apart perfectly good things—toasters, blenders, and primitive computers to name a few. It was not until my mother caught me that I was put to the test: to see if it could be put back together. Most often, I was able to put them back together in running order. Deep inside, I have this belief that inner curiosity and the desire to learn are key motivating factors in individuals.

The desire and curiosity cannot be measured in standard tests, but in what the individual achieves and by what means.

In the fifth grade I finally found something I could take apart and did not have to be concerned about putting back together: a frog. This passion for dissecting is something that escalated into my college career and led me to my major of biology in college. I can see how it might seem disgusting or even wrong, but this was something that fascinated me to no end.

At that young fifth grade age I knew very little of how it worked but I just remember wondering how I could figure this mystery out. I continued to have a great interest of nature into junior high and high school. Even with the increased complexity, my desire and curiosity continued to grow. I just wanted to get to the root of how an organism existed, functioned, replicated, etc. In other words, I just could not learn enough.

It was in college that I was first given the opportunity to explore the origins of organisms. During several complex research experiments, I learned first hand the disappointments of science: first, not every time is there a suitable answer and second, even with a suitable answer, it leads to more and more questions. This led me to the ever changing paradox in science—is there ever an end in sight. This, to me, is what makes science great.

Science does, however, have its bright moments. It has afforded society a much greater cushion with respect to how society conducts its business. It has provided hope for diseases that were once thought incurable, dealt with environmental issues, and even

started creating genetically superior organisms.

In my experiences, I can relate back to tearing apart those appliances. This is very similar to organisms in that you get bits of information that eventually needs to get put together. The field is only limited by imagination that is driven by my curiosity and desire to learn more. With every major setback, there is always a step forward.

I can say that I am very lucky in that I have found my calling. Every field has people who have found their calling, driven by inner desire and curiosity. I am not alone in that aspect. It is how you put that desire and curiosity to use that will affect tomorrow’s achievements.