This I Believe

Beaux - Agua Dulce, Texas
Entered on September 25, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that there can be heaven on earth based on the rule of love for God and our love for each other as humans. I believe our beliefs in God and our views of man hold keys to the very essence of love. I live in a small rural town in South Texas, with my wife Amy, and our two seven month old twins. I work as a minister there. We live in a town where every body knows any body’s personal and sometimes fragile information of their lives at anytime. Sometimes this is beneficial, sometimes it’s socially crippling. Such as the example where I single-handedly, with the assistance of Monday night football, burnt a 9 oz pot-sized hole in my floor trying to make old-time popcorn with my stove, a single kernel, and some cooking oil. By the end of the day, I had grocery sacks of microwave popcorn delivered to my doorstep by neighbors, their relatives, and some people from a community seven miles away. News spreads fast, real fast. I found my family being the conversation piece around dinner tables, convenient stores, and bedtime prayers during the first few weeks of my twins’ birth. It was not at all an easy entry into the world in which we live. My twins were born 7 weeks early and had major health issues that were almost lethal on two occasions. I remember sitting there by the bedsides of my two twins praying, hoping, and breathing in small, precise breaths of anticipation and worry. Amy and I were told that these two little babies would not becoming home with us, at least not for two to three months. My home is 45 minutes away, my job was 45 minutes away, and my two infants being released and coming home with me seemed so far away. We had little money to spend driving back and forth from our hospital but we would. Yet 45 minutes away, people who I know and some I still don’t, were organizing funds for my wife and I to stay near the hospital during this difficult time for us. We stayed near the boys the entire time they were in the hospital with very little cost to our family. It was an unseen, and unexpected miracle performed by people with no want of compensation or recognition, for this wondrous work they did on behalf of my family and the crisis we were going through. I had never seen such uncompromising, unconditional love among people like I did in those weeks. It was time of total draining in every area of our lives, but was so bittersweet as I saw others reach out to my family and that was heaven. I have not thus forgotten of its effect on my life, my wife, and my twins, this love, which I will not let go of as long as I have breath in my lungs. I believe in heaven on earth by the mode of love.