This I Believe

Katelyn - Greenville, North Carolina
Entered on September 25, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

“I Believe”

I believe that our worst characteristic is often our greatest attribute. Often, others are quick to point out faults and give advice on correcting them, but for many our faults are often what has made us who we are today. For me, as you get to know me, you will know that when I see something I want, I will work as hard as I can to get it. Many have labeled this as stubbornness but I see it as perseverance. I see it as a positive quality, not a negative one. In my life I have been pushed to my limits several times. During these times many people would have quit but because of my “stubbornness” I have made it through these situations. Some of my greatest moments have come to me because I have refused to take no for an answer.

One example of this is from five years ago I was on my way to the top of my favorite sport, power tumbling and trampoline. I had worked harder than I ever had in my life to get where I was. I had competed at states, missed my junior prom to go to regionals and qualified to go to the National Jr. Olympics. After years of hard work it was time for me to show the nation that I was their champion. One week before I was scheduled to fly out, I had a horrific fall through the springs of the trampoline, severely spraining my ankle and ripping apart my foot. All I could think to myself was how my chances at a national title were lost. I was put in a cast and told by my podiatrist not to compete. Stubbornly, I refused to take no for an answer. As I sat through lectures from many doctors and, of course, my parents and coaches, I refused to be told that my chances were over. The next week as I went to the gym to condition myself to stay in shape my coaches told me that I still had another year before leaving for college that I could try again. I didn’t want to believe that I couldn’t do it. My mom and I went round and round about me competing. I went to Nationals, persevered through the pain and disapprovals, and competed on trampoline, and no, I didn’t win. But I refused to let people tell me it wasn’t possible. Those around me still call me stubborn at times but my stubbornness has been my greatest attribute through struggles. I believe my ability to persevere helped me deal with such a disappointing situation and it gives me strength to pursue my goals.

Everyone needs that one quality they find to be the greatest thing about them. People don’t have to agree with you and some people will say that it is your greatest fault that will forever get in your way, but as long as you know that quality makes you who you are and you can use that to your advantage, then I don’t believe anyone should stand in your way. I believe that our worst characteristics are often our greatest attributes.