This I Believe

Jacqueline - Charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on September 25, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I am me, nothing more and nothing less. I’ve found that in life there are always going to be people different from me in many ways. But simply knowing that someone is different ultimately means nothing until we can define ourselves. Some people say that we are in control of our destiny and each decision we make has an effect on our lives; but if we are given so many choices in our lifetime, what gives us the drive to make the right choice and in return get more out of our lives? The answer is simple, our soul.

Many define soul as the spiritual principle embodied in human beings or the essence of everything. Others believe that our soul can survive death, meaning that we can have it for eternity, or die without it. In my opinion our soul is what makes us human and able to acknowledge our individuality as well as our imperfections.

I have always remembered these wise words said by a woman named Sonaya Roman, “Sound the note that calls your soul to you.” These few words hold a lot of meaning. She believes that true happiness can be achieved when we dig deep into our hearts and let our souls guide us to what we are destined to do with our lives. The cliché success stories we’ve all heard about having the “dream job” or owning the corner office are all true, yet unachievable until we can define what our unique “dream job” is. Lucky enough we are all born with the potential to do great things. It is the even luckier ones that actually succeed in doing so.

I already know what you are thinking, what does a high school student know about having a successful career, and living a happy life, when she only has fifteen years of her life accounted for? Although I may lack significant life experience, I have that youthful confidence that I can do anything, and succeed in whatever I so desire. For me my desire is writing. Writing is my drug, and yet in a different sense my one true love. Writing has always been my emergency exit from reality, and a way to make my emotions tangible. I hope that wherever my life leads me, I have the ability to write often. I realize that pursuing a writing career is far from easy, but I am willing to make sacrifices as necessary to ensure that each day when I awake I will be doing what I love.

I believe in following our souls’ deepest desires. For no one knows you better than yourself. We are all given a magic key to unlock our true happiness, we just need to find the door our key opens. In the words of Mother Theresa, “…allow your soul the freedom the sing, dance, praise, and love. It is there for each and every one of us.” It’s one of life’s simple philosophies: Be you, and do what you love.