This I Believe

Alexis - charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on September 25, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

This I Believe

I believe in second chances. It is hard to give people another shot, but for some it comes naturally. Growing up in a church oriented home, I was taught as a child to forgive and give second chances. Yeah, it was simple as a kid, but as your age increases and you’re finding you true self, it’s more difficult to forgive.

My dad never had the chance to experience a childhood filled with love and support. He was always being blamed for intentional mistakes by his younger twin brothers. My dad now takes his bitter hostility of his childhood out on the ones he loves. To me I don’t call that love, I call it anger. As I watch my childhood videos, I could see the protective father always making sure the right person was holding me, or the caring father, who was always making sure my hand fit right inside of his. Where did that father go? I don’t want to bring him off as a violent person, but the violence does show. The aggression that I am talking about consists of verbal abuse and profane language directed towards me.

I keep my personal home life separate from my social life. I don’t look for sympathy, I don’t whine about the way that I am treated. I am one of the strongest people you will ever meet. Not only am I strong, I am as positive as anyone could be. I am not dying from an incurable disease and I am not living on the streets. My problem in comparison to others isn’t serious. In my situation it has made me the person I am today.

There comes a time when you need to leave the tissues in the box, hang up the crying phone calls, and learn to live without. My time has come. He might not know that he has taught me the most valuable rule to life: to forgive and give second chances. Although my life has not been the best compared to other peoples, it’s the best I have ever known, and I can live with that. I forgive him for the pain and agony he put me though. I have learned to become my own independent person and to trust in myself .I give him a second chance to turn things around, and be the best dad he can be.