This I Believe

William - Charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on September 25, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I have walked through the “transitive nightfall of diamonds”; I have “run like an antelope out of control”; I have been up and I have been down and on this world I’ve been all around. Music has taken me to new heights both mentally and physically and thus I believe, in the freedom that is music.

I have never written a “this I believe” statement and to be quite frank, it’s a very daunting task. I have to ask myself what I honestly believe in; what touches the essence of my soul and for me that is music. Music is my life. Wherever I may be there is sure to be a song blasting somewhere close by. My musical interests don’t necessarily fall into a category although the majority of the groups that I listen to might be considered jam-bandesque I like to think of it as a euphonic fusion of noise and cosmic energy. Now before you dismiss me as a drug induced headcase preaching from my soapbox about the glories of synthesizers, twenty-minute “exploratory jams” and Jerry Garcia; allow me to explain myself.

My love of music originates from my parents, especially my father. As a young child my dad would draw out his turntables and play Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young albums while my mother danced around the living room with me. Those are my earliest memories of the freedom music could grant. As a young teenager trying to find his place in the world, my musical interests shifted to whatever was popular at the time. In the seventh grade something happened that would forever change my life; I discovered a band by the name of Phish. Never before had I heard a song that lasted longer than 3 minutes and wasn’t about finding everlasting love with a girl in the club. These were “real” musicians in every sense of the word. I delved further and further into the new genre and found more bands like this. The core of jamband music is improvisation. It is real. It is right now and right then; it is an extension of the emotions and energy that is flowing through you at that given moment. In that formidable period of my life when I worried about everything and anything, I suddenly found freedom through music. These musicians went onstage every night and played music simply for the sake of playing and expressing themselves. I have lived my life in that sense to this day.

I live my life open to all experiences and people. I allow for the improvisation of life, and live simply for the sake of being alive and expressing myself. I’ve traveled to festivals in other states and have been across the country listening to music. All I need to know I’ve been able to extract from music. I’ve felt the blues with Dylan and I’ve high-stepped with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Music has opened me up to a whole new lifestyle and way of living. Music has given me a creative outlet where I can express every ounce of my being. Music is what I am.